AUG. 10, 2019


safety and Rules of the Road

Safety is our top priority during Obliteride weekend. Please follow the rules of the road and take precautions to keep yourself and others safe during the ride. We hope this information is helpful as you prepare for Obliteride and will provide a safe and enjoyable weekend for everyone.

  • Wear a helmet at all times.
  • Stop at stop signs and stop lights. In Washington, bicyclists enjoy the same rights as motorists. In accepting these rights, bicyclists also assume the responsibilities for riding in a safe and legal manner. Obey all traffic laws and posted speed limits.
  • Ride on the right; pass on the left; and call-out when passing. Always leave room for others to pass on your left and use phrases such as “on your left” or “passing on left” when passing another rider. Never cross the centerline.
  • Use hand signals and call out turns, obstacles and debris on the road.
  • Ride single file or two abreast when conditions permit. Single file is the safest position. Keep in mind that riding two abreast while going uphill means faster riders must ride three abreast in order to pass slower riders. On narrower roads, passing as the third abreast may cause hazardous conditions as vehicles pass riders, pull out of driveways, or are oncoming. Remember, never cross the centerline.
  • Headphones, phones and radios are strictly prohibited while riding. Stay alert when you ride and be constantly focused on your riding and aware of what’s going on around you.
  • Please use caution at all times when stopping. Move off of the roadway and alert riders behind to your plans. Check to see that no bicycles or vehicles are directly behind you when stopping, stop at the right edge of the roadway, and immediately move to the shoulder. Stay clear of the roadway to make repairs, rest, visit, etc. Avoid stopping at the crest of a hill or on a curve.
  • Give others sufficient room when passing and be a predictable rider. Don’t keep other riders and vehicles guessing your next move. A predictable rider, is a safe rider. Allow vehicles to pass and call-out “car back” when appropriate.
  • Be considerate. The bicycling skills of participants range from beginner to expert. Each rider must look out for his/herself and be aware of what the other cyclists around them are doing at all times.
  • Always cooperate with Obliteride officials and law enforcement personnel. They will be present at busy intersections – obey their signals.
  • Stay on the marked route. Our routes are designed and marked for your safety. Support services are only available to you if you are on the route.
  • Give the right-of-way to emergency vehicles. Pull to the right and stop if you hear a siren.
  • Watch for railroad tracks and cross them at right angles. Raise yourself off your seat and stand on your pedals to absorb the shock and lower the center of gravity. Look for other riders and let those behind you know of your intentions. Use extreme caution when crossing railroad tracks.

Be safe and have fun!

route support

To put any worries at ease, here's a few frequently asked questions that we receive regarding rider support:

What happens if I'm late?
Each route has a prompt start time to ensure rider safety. Make sure you arrive with enough time to be in the chute 20 minutes prior to your start time. Think you’ve allowed enough time? Allow a bit more! We want you relaxed and stress-free when you head out on the course. Be prompt and plan ahead.

We’re riding where?
Take time to familiarize yourself with your route. It will be well marked with signage in our signature Obliteride orange arrows at eye-level; arrows on the ground; and course marshals at busy intersections or confusing turns to point you in the right direction. Listen to the instructions of ride officials and follows the signs – we’ll get you where you need to go. Lost? Call the Obliteride Hotline at 1-855-584-7679, and we’ll get you back on course. This number can be found on your orange participant wristband. Throughout the ride, please follow all WA state bicycling rules of the road.

May I listen to music while I ride?
No, headphones, and radios are strictly prohibited while riding.
Do I have to follow typical road signs?
Rules of the road apply. Roads are open to all traffic and you will be riding with vehicular traffic. Heed the direction of event staff; we reserve the right to pull you from the ride if you fail to comply with rules of the road and event staff direction.
Who do I call in case of an emergency?
  1. Call 9-1-1 in case of a medical emergency
  2. Call 1-855-584-7679 in case of:
  • Medical emergency (after you’ve alerted emergency respondents at 9-1-1)
  • Lost rider
  • Request a SAG (Support And Gear) vehicle
  • You need mechanical help
  • Number can be found on your orange participant wristband
I got a flat. Now what?
Call the Obliteride course support at 1-855-584-7679 to request a SAG (Support And Gear) vehicle. We’ll be there in a jiffy to give you a lift back to the nearest rest stop or start/finish venue where you can get help from a bike mechanic.
I’m just done!
Are you pooped and need to stop before you finish your distance? We are here to help! Just alert the Obliteride course support at 1-855-584-7679. Please do not have your personal support team pick you up. For safety reasons, we need to ensure we have you accounted for before you leave the course. Plus, fewer cars on the road means a safer ride for all participants.