AUG. 10, 2019

Fundraising ideas

Getting beyond the email
Beyond our six steps to fundraising success, we’ve collected many of the fundraising tips our Obliteriders have found success with over the years. Have a look, get inspired ― and go beyond the plain-Jane fundraising email.

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some basics

  • Start today. Ask someone who can’t say no.
  • Be a conversation-starter. Carry your Obliteride swag with you and be ready to tell your story.
  • Part of a team? Work together to fundraise.
  • Make multiple fundraising posts on social media. Most of your followers don’t see every post.

give donor incentives

Inspire your donors to give more by offering incentives at different gift levels, for example:
  • Dedicate a mile to someone of your donor’s choice.
  • Wear a silly (but safe!) article of clothing during your ride, walk, or run.
  • Write your donor’s name or that of their loved one on yourself or your bike during the ride.
  • Cook your donor a special dinner or batch of cookies.
  • Video yourself singing a silly song of your donor’s choice at the Finish Line.

throw a party (with a fee)

With suggested donations and entry fees, you can raise a lot of money through parties and events. Set up a laptop or tablet so donors can use a credit card to give directly to your fundraising page. Some ideas:

Dinner party Champagne brunch Wine tasting
Cocktail party  Treasure hunt Chili cook-off
Cookie bake-off dessert raffle party Poker night
Guided bike tour donations in lieu of gifts Art-making
party & auction

get the neighborhood involved

  • Ask a local restaurant to donate 10% of profits on a designated night. 

hold a raffle

Get your supporters fired up by offering them a chance to win a prize as they help you cure cancer faster! Consider holding a monthly raffle ― a donation that month is the entry ticket ― or incorporating a raffle into an event. Some ideas:

wine or beer homemade desserts
chocolate sports tickets

There are so many great ways to raise money for Obliteride beyond what we’ve listed here. If you have a fun idea, go for it! And if one of your ideas turned out great, let us know! We’re always blown away by our supporters’ creativity. We just might share your great idea to inspire other Obliteride fundraisers.