AUG. 10, 2019

Virtual Obliteriders

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The 'no bike' required way to become an Obliterider.
We get it; not everyone can ride, walk, run with us in August, but don’t let that stop you from fundraising for Fred Hutch. If you’re fundraising, but not riding, walking, or running, consider tying your efforts to an activity you love, like hiking, swimming, or kayaking, track your miles and ask for donations for every mile you exercise; if that's gardening, plant a flower in honor of every donation you receive. Reality is that you don't need a bike to be an Obliterider, you just need to share our mission that we can cure cancer faster through research at Fred Hutch.

To become a Virtual Obliterider, simply register, set a fundraising goal of your choice, setup your personal fundraising page and go at it. The icing on the cake is that you're still eligible to receive the same incentives as the riders, walkers, and runners. So...raise $500 and you're invited along with one guest to the kickoff party on Friday night, or raise $2,000 and you're a Pacesetter and get a surprise Obliteride branded item.
Thank you for jumping in feet first as a Virtual Obliterider!