AUG. 10, 2019


Teams are all about building the Obliteride community and putting the fun in fundraising. Your team can include Riders, Walkers, Runners, Virtual Obliteriders, and Volunteers. There are so many reasons to join a team, and here are a few to get you excited:

  • Teams bring more people, more money, and more awareness to Fred Hutch
  • Teams motivate each other with training rides, fundraising events, and friendly competition
  • Teams build strong communities of passionate people who are dedicated to our mission
  • Teams fundraise together and can share team donations to help individuals meet their fundraising minimum. *Remember, donations made to specific individual CANNOT be transferred.

At the end of the day, we all are one GIANT Obliteride team fighting to end cancer. It will take all of us to cure cancer faster, so let’s get going. Start a new team or join one today!

start a team

In just a few steps, you can start building your passionate team of Obliteriders:

  • Anyone can start a team – rider, walker, runner, or volunteer
  • Determine your team name prior to registering
  • Once you’ve started your team, login to your participant center to customize the team fundraising page. Add a photo, the reason why your team is in the fight together and a BIG fundraising goal for everyone to help you reach.
  • The team fundraising goal is a target; it’s a number for you and your teammates to strive for. Shoot for the moon, you’d be surprised at the donations that will start rolling in.
  • Then…. start recruiting EVERYONE you know. Send emails and texts, make phone calls or visits, or host a party and invite them to join your Obliteride team.
  • Lastly, download the Team Captain toolkit to help guide you along and equip you with all the best tips and tricks.

join a team

We have plenty of teams to choose from. Check out the current team roster, and join a team today. The team captain will receive an email right after you register to let them know you joined their team.