Fundraising Tips

It’s easier than you think to raise money. Here are some proven ways to fundraising success.

 Make it easy

Send people direct links to your personal page and impress them when they get there with your story. Login to your Participant Center, grab your fundraising page URL and send away.

 Keep it real

Research is the path to obliteration. Talk about that; even share great stories of research breakthroughs at Fred Hutch.

 Start early and remind often

We all care and we’re all busy, so send a note and drop reminders to friends between now and 11:59 p.m. on September 15, 2017. Here are a few groups to think about as you reach out.

Family Employers
Acquaintances Companies
colleagues fellow students
community businesses your family doctor
fitness instructor dentist
attorney insurance agent
Mechanic Hair stylist
Veterinarian Dry cleaner

 Make it fun for your donors

We've seen wild success with singing, dressing up and other silly tactics that show you're putting yourself out there. Yeah, it’s kind of selling your soul…but for a great cause.

 Fundraise with others

If you’re part of a team, find ways to help each other and work together to bring awareness and funds to your cause. Host bake sales, garage sales, or social gatherings to bring more people together.

 Capture matching gifts

Check if your supporters have matching funds available to them. Make it easy to provide the information they need to apply for these funds and confirm the requests have been processed.

 Help your friends honor their loved ones

Carry the torch by writing names on your bike, jersey, or helmet. It’s a special way to bring meaning to others.

 Keep in touch

Let them know how your training and fundraising is going. If you need a riding buddy, boost of energy, or cheerleading, this can be a great way to keep them close.

 Thank everyone

Being thanked is like a second opportunity for your donor to enjoy the contribution he/she has made to cancer research. It only takes a sec and is so important.

 Get creative

Think outside the box. Check out some ideas that others are finding successful

 Share inspiring stories

Feel free to share these videos with your family and friends to help inspire them to donate.

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