The Obliteride family is more than riders; it's our funraisers, volunteers, mentors and the people spreading the word that make our family whole. Pick your passion below, register, rally your friends and get ready for a weekend of wow!


Every crew member is important; Ambassadors are probably the one that everyone and anyone can jump in on. All you have to do is spread the word about Obliteride. Materials are available to help compel others to support Fred Hutch by participating in Obliteride. Click below to view all the documents, hand-outs, and presentations. We're all in agreement…everyone deserves to know about Obliteride.


We call this a VIRTUAL RIDER. You don’t need a bike, just belief that research is the path to eradicating cancer. Maybe you don't own a bike, aren't interested in riding, will be out of town or just purely want to fundraise - all are great reasons to participate as a Fundraiser. Simply donate to yourself, set up a personal page, and start fundraising. 


Volunteers make this event a true success! We're looking for hundreds of volunteers to help us over three days, at three venues and across four routes. A special thanks to our partner Lease Crutcher Lewis for sponsoring the Volunteer Program.

Volunteer registration is now closed; if you are still interested please email our Volunteer Coordinator at to receive volunteer details and to sign up.

company partners

There are plenty of options for companies to get involved and it doesn't always mean cash! From sponsorship and creating a team to spreading the word by becoming an outpost, there are plenty of options for companies to get involved.