Hey Obliteride friends! We thought you might like to meet the awesome team of people working behind the scenes to make sure you have a phenomenal Obliteride experience. First up, meet Mark Grantor, senior events manager extraordinaire. Mark is a Seattle native and now calls West Seattle home along with his wife and two young daughters. In future posts you’ll meet the rest of the team.

Describe yourself in 5 words: Embrace a zest for life.

Tell us about your background and your role with Obliteride. What’s your charge? Over the past 20+ years, I have been fortunate to be part of international, national and local cycling and community events in addition to many corporate product launches, promotions, grand opening and development projects. With Obliteride, I am managing production and operations to ensure that we present a unique, amazing and memorable weekend experience for all.
Why are you excited about Obliteride? Startup ride, Fred Hutch brand, cancer as the cause, it all makes sense. I joined a winning organization and we’ve assembled a stellar Obliteride team. I am stoked for the possibilities ahead and the many things we will achieve together.
How long have you been cycling? Many years … since I was 4. It’s one activity you can do with all ages.
What's one piece of advice you'd give to someone who’s thinking about doing Obliteride? Register. Once registered, you will discover a community of support to assist you with fundraising and pedaling to end cancer.
What’s your favorite local ride? Local? It’s a toss up between Tiger Mountain and Grand Ridge to Duthie.

How has cancer touched you personally? I lost my father due to complications from prostate cancer in 2010. At that time, I made a vow to myself to jump into the fight against cancer when the opportunity presented itself. Obliteride was the perfect opportunity.
Why is cancer research personally important to you? I witnessed how cancer affects families and communities. Imagine a cancer-free world. It is only possible through research. We can all be part of the effort to eliminate cancer from our lives.
What’s one fun fact about you? I participated in free agent tryouts with the New York Giants and San Diego Chargers after my senior year at University of the Pacific.
When you’re not on a bike, where might we find you? On the mountain riding powder with family and friends.
And finally, just had to ask, what’s up with that big truck? It was a great deal. (laughing) It carries a lot of people, gear and bikes to all of the places we play. You like it? Make me an offer.
Connect with Mark via Twitter @Obliteride or email at mark@obliteride.org.