To our 12s!

Obliteride is all about the 12s! In fact, if you recruit a new rider before the Super Bowl, you and your rookie rider will each receive $120 credit to your fundraising.

ALL IN Because of the People and the Fun

I’m inspired to be ALL IN by the people and the fun. In fact, it seems almost wrong how much fun we have with Obliteride, considering the real reason we are all there: because of people whose lives have been disrupted by cancer, like my mother. 

Completing the Connection

Why did team 800-4-CANCER go ALL IN?

When a group of us at the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Information Service (an NIH-funded contract at the Hutch) were asked to help with Obliteride’s recruitment and outreach, it started as a new and exciting working relationship with our parent institution. Little did we realize how much we would grow to love the mission of the event and how much impact we could have by signing up for the ride ourselves!

Anyone can do it

ME…? When I signed up for Obliteride I was not a cyclist at all! 

I had heard about the inaugural Obliteride and thought it sounded like an amazing event but hadn’t considered actually riding in it. I didn’t even own a bike!

Why Olympic Physical Therapy is ALL IN

In a word – inspired.

The Olympic Physical Therapy Family was inspired and ALL IN for Obliteride 2014.

It was an amazing experience and a gift to participate in a fundraising event where EVERY DOLLAR raised went to cancer research. 

Why Michelle Shleifer is ALL IN

To me, it’s not just a bike ride. It’s not just a fundraiser. It’s so much more.  To me, the word Obliteride comes with about a million emotions. A million thoughts. A million goals and wishes.

This year, I set out to honor my dad, Jerry Jaffe, by forming a team in his name.  I have three sons.  At Obliteride 2014 my twins were days away from turning 8 years old. I was 8 years old when my dad was diagnosed with Leukemia in 1985. He was treated at Fred Hutch.  

It's a wrap

Obliteride was a huge success. At the wrap-up party on Wednesday evening, we celebrated, we listened, we learned, we thanked and we were inspired. 

Why Lewis Went ALL IN

Guest Post by Matt Hays, Lease Crutcher Lewis
Lease Crutcher Lewis was ALL IN for Obliteride in 2014.  It was a fantastic experience -- raising dollars for a great cause, socializing and volunteering with our peers outside the office, and great bike rides.  Lewis partnered with Cancer Epidemiology Research Cooperative (CERC) at Fred Hutch plus Hornall Anderson as the "Lewis & Friends CERCumvent Cancer" team.